72nd 5th District Meeting has been Postponed

As you can imagine I have received hundreds if not thousands of calls, emails and texts relating to the 72nd District Meeting. In an effort to provide information and receive feedback, I prepared a video update followed by a survey for the registrants. To the best of my ability, I serve you and I will act with due diligence and your best interests will always be at the core of my subsequent decisions and actions!

The 72nd District Meeting planned for next week (March 26-29, 2020) will be POSTPONED as the COVID-19 Pandemic is ramping up in America with no credible model showing when it will subside. As you know, our rules require certain activities to occur annually. We will meet this requirement in innovative and creative ways. The required activities (to include voting) will be done prior to the end of the fiscal year. No date has been set but it will not require any personal or chapter expenditures or travel. You will undoubtedly have many questions, but as you have seen, I aim to provide a consistent flow of information. I will continue to do so via video broadcasts, emails and on all our social media platforms to include www.omega5d.us). I ask that you only get your information from trusted sources and refrain from listening to rumors, innuendos and speculation.

Bottom line brothers please know that I and the entire District Council will always place your health and safety in the highest regard. We have fought tirelessly to maintain our assets and reputation! Please click here to read full statement on the Postponement

If you have any questions, contact Brother Smith Jean-Philippe (District Marshal) at  IADistrictMeetings@outlook.com  or (865)607-1521 Read More