Nashville Relief Efforts

Greetings brothers, I am writing this letter at a time of great duress in Middle Tennessee. The Nashville Area has experienced a horrific weather-related event. Experiencing tornados, severe wind and rain damaging both residential and commercial properties. We are still surveying the brotherhood assessing their status in terms of personal loss. Moreover, we as Omega Men are leaders among men and have a duty to assist when events like this arise! I have asked our Social Action Chair Bro. Charles Griffith to coordinate with the three affected Graduate Chapters (Gamma Phi, Omega Lambda Lambda and Rho Kappa Kappa) to investigate how we can make the biggest impact in the Greater Nashville Area.

We have set up a Go Fund Me Account whereby brothers across Omega Nation and others can give and know that we will put EVERY dollar to good use. Additionally, this Saturday from 10:00am -2:00pm we will be having a clothing, water and battery giveaway at Higher Ground International Church located at 1717 4th Ave. North in Nashville. Please bring water and batteries (primarily 9 volt, AA and AAA) to the facility or contact Bro. Griffith for logistics. Lastly, we are planning a “Calling All Ques to Nashville” work project for Saturday March 14. The local chapter will have coordinated opportunities for us to assist students and families in this time of need. I thank you in advance for the steps I know you will take to engage this hurting community in our planned endeavors!

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Middle TN Tornado Relief (Omega)
c/o Bro. Charles Griffith
P.O. Box 333269
Murfreesboro, TN 37133

Ph: 615-496-0030

Giving honor to God, our Supreme Basileus Humbly Submitted,
Sam McKenzie
23rd 5th District Representative