In its thirty-four year history, the Omega Life Membership Foundation has had tremendous growth and success and has been of significant benefit to those groups whose work it has been privileged to support. There have been numerous young people, gifted in the performing arts, and in scholastic pursuits who were able to continue their progress, as a result of the generous, philanthropic work of the Foundation. It has supported a number of Uplift and Scholastic projects and initiatives started and endorsed by the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Like most incorporated and tax-exempt non-profit corporations, the Foundation’s work and capabilities are limited and specific. Through the diligent effort of its Board of Directors through the years, its focused efforts and single-minded purposes have enabled it to accomplish and achieve a sparkling record of success and service. As we continue to grow, the Foundation endeavors to continue and broaden its goal of meaningful assistance in line with its chartered responsibilities.

You can help the Omega Life Foundation continue to help others in the community – no matter where you are.

There’s no such thing as too much or too little sponsorship or service. The Omega Life Foundation welcomes you to join in our continued efforts to improve the lives of others. See how you can help today!

CleArthur Morris, Sr., Region V